The 9th World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT)-2012 congress and the pre-congress World Federation for Laser Dentistry-Asian Pacific Division (WFLD-APD) Laser Accreditation Course were held in the Gold Coast, Australia, from the 27th to the 30th of September 2012. The following is a report by Dr Ambrose Chan of the highlights of this international congress.

The WALT-2012 conference together with the pre-congress workshop and the social activities had been well organized and received, resulting in a memorable and enjoyable experience. It delivered along some amazing and rewarding experiences for everyone. Experiences that were full of welcome, colour, courage, cuddles, team-work, speeches, leisure, support, exchange of ideas, unity, future collaboration, friendships, education and relaxation; all of which will be remembered among us for a long time!

Team-work- Integration of high and low intensity laser therapy in dental clinic: Theory and Practice.The pre-congress World Federation for Laser Dentistry-Asian Pacific Division (WFLD-APD) Laser Accreditation Course, at the Griffith University. The distinguished speakers, the trader and sponsor representatives:Left- Dr How Kim Chuan, Dr Shigeyuki Nagai, Prof Sajee Sattyut, Mr Peter Moeser (High Tech Laser, Australia), Dr Ambrose Chan, Prof Aldo Brugnera and his wife Dr Fatima Zanin, Prof Jan Tuner, Prof Loh Hong Sai; Ms Evette Kellie (William Green), Prof Kenji Yoshida and Mr Jonas Tan (Elexxion).

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Opening Speech from A/Prof Liisa Laakso (the Co-Chair of WALT-2012 congress).

“G’day, welcome to WALT2012 congress, and thanking all authors, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and delegates, from 28 countries around the world who are supporting and contributing to what we believe will be a very successful conference……

“We have 22 invited speakers, and over 120 submitted oral and poster presentations which cover a wide range of themes such as basic science, dental (and oral health), veterinary, physiotherapy, oncology (Cancer-care), sports performance, clinical and novel applications in areas such as diagnosis, pain management, tissue healing (unhealed wound), mucositis, anti-aging, smoking cessation…………….etc, using different routes of administration such as trans-cutaneous, trans-mucosal, acupuncture points, intra-vascular, nerve ganglions and lymphatic……..”.

Welcome from Dr Ambrose Chan (the Chair, Dental Stream of WALT-2012 congress).

Advances in laser technology are changing the way patients experience treatments as well as the way diseases are being diagnosed and cured. This is made possible by the continuous exchange, advancement and dissemination of scientific research and development in the fields of laser medicine and dentistry.

The WALT-2012 congress is a unique opportunity to gather medical and dental researchers, clinicians, academicians and industries, from around the world, to present the latest technologies, scientific results and clinical advances in the field of laser/phototherapy. Importantly, the scientific and clinical evidence that will evolve from this meeting will strengthen the understanding towards benefits of the synergistically use of high and low intensity lasers, and how to integrate such technology, in dental practice.

Another important aspect of such an event is the chance to bring diversity into unity, for the exchange of ideas and methodology in the field of laser medicine and dentistry; making new acquaintances and personal friendship: facilitating future collaborations among laser organizations, associations and industries; and last but not least, visiting our beautiful country of Australia….

Unity from diversity-

Prof Reza Fekrazad, the President of the Iranian Medical Laser Association presented a beautiful gift of Persian rug to the WALT, which was received by the Co-chairs (Prof Liisa Laakso and Dr Roberta Chow), at the Congress’s Gala Dinner.

On this beautiful Persian rug he knitted with words from the Iranian poet.

“You are like a wave in an ocean, challenging shows you are still living, as soon as you stop challenging.

You will not be a wave anymore”.


Left- Dr Fatima Zanin and Prof Aldo Brugnera (President, WFLD), Prof Chukuka Enwemeka (Co-editor-in-chief of JPMLS), Dr How Kim Chuan (FDI World Dental Councilor), Dr Ambrose Chan (Chair, APD-WFLD), Prof Liisa Laakso (President, WALT), Prof Sajee Sattyut (Chair, LDRG, Khon Kaen Uni), Dr Ian Ong (President, Northern Territory branch, ADA), Prof Loh Hong Sai (Honorary member, WFLD).

Education- Congratulation!

The Young Investigator Award winner- Dr Carla Tim (on left in photo with certificate)and colleagues Paulo Bossini, Hueliton Kido, Prof Nivaldo Parizotto andDr Ana Claudia Renno for their poster entitled “Effects of LLLT in the process of bone repair”.

The Isaac Kaplan-Young Scientist Award winner- Dr Natalia Rodrigo (in the centre with certificate) from the Federal University of Sao Carlos for her paper entitled”LLLT (660nm) alters expression of genes during muscle regeneration in rats”,Accompanied by Prof Daiane Meneguzzo and Dr Ambrose Chan.


What a wonderful way to finish the conference trip by visiting the icons of the City of Sydney- The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Left- Dr Ambrose Chan, Dr Fatima Zanin, Prof Aldo Brugnera, Dr Kalhori Katayoun and Prof Reza Fekrazad.

As the Chair of the Dental Stream of the WALT-2012 congress, on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, I would like to thank our WFLD President- Prof Aldo Brugnera and his wife (Dr Fatima Zanin), our General Secretary-Prof Kenji Yoshida, our WFLD-APD’s colleagues- Prof Loh Hong Sai, Prof Sajee Sattyut, Prof Reza Fekrazad and his wife (Dr Kalhori Katayoun), Dr Shigeyuki Nagai (and family), Dr How Kim Chuan (and wife) and Dr Clement Eng (and wife) for their contributions and supports for such an outstanding laser meeting, in Australia.

As the Chair of the WFLD-APD, on behalf of the WFLD, I would like also to thank the President of WALT, Prof Liisa Laakso; the WALT executive committee and the Co-chair, Dr Roberta Chow and the members of the WALT-2012 congress LOC, in supporting such close collaboration between WALT and WFLD in this conference.

By facilitating future collaboration among organizations, associations and industries in continuous investing in education and innovation will ensure a brighter future for our professions and patient’s health-care for generations to come.

Ambrose Chan
Chair, Dental Stream of the WALT-2012 congress
Chair, WFLD-Asian Pacific Division