Report of: WFLD Middle EAST and AFRICA DIVISION 2014-2015

The WFLD division of Middle East and Africa put the target to implicate laser Therapy in the program of dentistry of all Arab dental Faculty .
A course of 20 hours of laser therapy have been implicated in the last years of dentistry into all the Lebanese Dental Faculty: ARAB DENTAL FACULTY OF BEIRUT, ST JOSEPH UNIVERSITY AND LEBANESE UNIVERSITY.
45 hours have been also implicated in the post graduate program of dental school.
A training and a program of WORKSHOP have been established .
Also a society of laser therapy supervised by WFLD Committee of Middle East and Africa at the Lebanese Dental Association LDA where been created .
Two Professors from each faculty were present in this committee of laser Therapy of Lebanese Dental Association LDA .
The aim of this society is to control the continual education in LDA and the registration of the diploma of dental LASER specialty .
This year, three projects of Ph.D thesis including laser therapy has been approved at Lebanese University.
Also, this continual Education in LDA was based by organizing TWO BASIC LASER CERTIFICATE COURSE per year and for 50 students by each course .
And the three dental Faculty in Lebanon have organized one day course in the field of Laser Therapy sponsored by Photona and Biolase and Dental Smile.
10,11September 2014 , Pr Samir Namour , Pr Toni Zeinoun and the Lebanese team were implicated with another basic Laser certificate course organized by LDA.

In April 2015, three of the middle east WFLD Committee were invited by the Jordanian Dental Association to organized a basic Laser certificate course and to participated in the dental congress. This meeting was sponsored by BIOLASE.

In 13-16 of May2015, The Lebanese University had the Biannual scientific International Meeting .
The Lebanese Dental Faculty organized the 14th International Congress where Professor Samir Namour representing our President of WFLD Prof Aldo Brugnera at the official opening ceremony.
The scientific program included Professor Norbert Gutknecht , Professor Anton Sculean and Professor Samir Namour. Professor A. Sculean was involved in a workshop on this field.
A Seminar of laser were done by Professor Samir Namour From Belgium .
In 2 june of 2015, the Lebanese Society of Laser therapy (LDA) has organized a basic laser certificate course.

Dr Karim Korbani and Dr Rita Feghali were implicated in a basic laser certificate course at the Metropolitan Hotel and a series of conferences and a workshop for the Lebanese Dentist .
This event has sponsorized by Fotona.

In 10,11 November 2015, The Lebanese Society for oral surgery put in the program, series of conferences on laser therapy sponsored by Photona and Biolase.
A Basic LASER Certificate course of WFLD will be in the program of faculties . And the program of Master in Laser Therapy will begin with the collaboration of European Faculty in the academic year 2015-2016. ( UNIVERSITY OF AACHEN and UNIVERSITY OF LIEGE).

The three speakers from WFLD with The Dean of Lebanese Faculty Professor Fouad Ayoub.

A Basic Laser Certificate course Organized by the Lebanese Faculty of Dentistry.

A WFLD basic Laser certificate Course organized by LDA

WFLD Middle East and Africa
in Progress

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