Middle Eastern & African Division

Executive Board of the Middle Eastern & African Division

Dr Roger Bassit, DDS, DESS (Director)

rogerDepartment of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Director of Postgraduate Program
Faculty of Dental Medicine, Lebanese University
Rafic Hariri Campus , Hadath, Beirut, Lebanon .
Tel: 00961.3302071
Email: rogerbassit@hotmail.com

Dr Paul Nahas (Vice-Director)

paulChairman of Esthetic and restorative Department
Faculty of Dental Medicine , Lebanese University
Rafic Hariri Campus, Hadath , Beirut , Lebanon
Tel :009613742459
Email: paulnahas@yahoo.com

Dr Rima Bou Tayeh ,DSD,DUA,DUB (Treasurer)

rimaDepartment of Oral and Maxillo- Facial Surgery

Head of Section ,Faculty of Dental Medicine , Lebanese University
Rafic Hariri Campus, Hadath, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: 00961.3670538
Email: rimawbta@hotmail.com

Dr Ahnaf Al Jajah (Secretary)

Msc Orthodontics
University of Genoa, Italy
WFLD representative for Bahrain.
Email: dr.ahnaf@gmail.com

Dr Omar Hamadah

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Damascus University
Head of Medical lasers laboratory at Higher Institute for Laser Research and Applications
WFLD representative for Syria.
Email: omar.hamadah@gmail.com

Dr Sharif Awad Osman Ahmed

Prosthodontics Department, University Of Khartoum, Sudan
WFLD representitive for Sudan.
Email: Dr.sharifawad87@fmail.com

The Scientific Committee

Dr Ziad Salameh
Dr Sabine Abi Tayeh
Dr Karim Corbani
Dr Jihad Habli
Dr Hani Ladiki
Dr Jihad Husseini
Dr Sami Toum
Dr Wissam Jarrouche