World Federation For Laser Dentistry -

The president of WFLD Dean Prof. Toni Zeinoun 

presented the logo of 16th International Congress of AEEDC in Dubai to the

President of Lebanese Republic Général Michel Aoun

February 2020

WFLD 2020 DUBAI CONGRESS- 4,5,6 February 2020

The 16th WFLD Congress was one of the memorable WFLD events. It will be a good example for the next generation of WFLD that their predecessors in 21st century never gave up to carry on academic working, the WFLD Congress.

Whatever happened, they got it through. I am very proud of you

Prof. Toni Zeinoun, WFLD president.





WFLD-Dubai 2020 Awards

Poster Awards:

1st Prize:     Tsuyoshi Shimohira (Japan)

2nd Prize:   Giulia Ghidini (Italy)

3rd Prize:   Kinga Grzech-Lesniak (Poland)

Jury Members:   Akira Aoki, Umberto Romeo, Sajee Sattaiut, Ambrose Chan


Oral Presentations Awards:

1st Prize:    Ruxandra Luca (Romania)

2nd Prize:   Nassim Chiniforush (Iran)

3rd Prize:   Massa Mahayni (Syria)

Jury Members:   Carmen Todea, Umberto Romeo, Vescouvi Paolo

Official journal of the WFLD: Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery

Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery Photo